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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cloud journal

Madrid airport

Edge of Madrid with view of foothills

Edge of Madrid

Hiking in the foothills to the sound of a cuckoo bird

Back home in the backyard

"Normal" journaling too often leaves me at a loss.  The impulse to mark something daily, however, remains.  This is especially true right now when I'm traveling so much, so far, and in such a short space of time (Japan, New England, Spain, Hawaii, Korea--all in a two month period.  There's just too much new to process right now.). I found I wanted a daily marker that I didn't have to interpret or read into.  Rather than turn my attention to myself, I've started a daily cloud journal as a way to pay attention to where I am, and the sky's state of being in that place at that time.  This is the first week starting with the airport in Madrid and ending in the backyard at home.  I'm no photographer.  Most of these are shot with my phone.  The idea is just to have a moment each day when I pay attention to the sky.

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