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Monday, January 8, 2018

Richard O. Moore

Learned so much this summer at Home School writing retreat/workshop/reading/wondershow.  Slowly processing.  Think this might be a nice place to share some things.

About the time I was born, Richard O. Moore was inventing public radio and television out in California.  He studied with Kenneth Koch, was in class with Jack Spicer, and was friends with Brenda Hillman.  He didn't publish much of his own work, but when he did it won awards.  Something he did do though was shoot some cinema verité style documentaries of poets (among others).

Here's an excerpt from the Frank O'Hara piece he did.  Warning: it may make you want to smoke, walk for hours down NYC streets with a friend, take your shirt off and discuss paintings, talk on the phone while typing and holding a friend's hand, write a play, take a new lover, write a poem, smoke another cigarette.